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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know what level to sign my child up for?

How do I know what level to sign my child up for?
Returning Members, unless you have received notice otherwise, please sign up for the group in which you finished the 2010/11 season. New Members, please see the membership section for guidance. If you are still in doubt, send us an email at so we may assist.


My friends and family want to come watch me play. Can they do that?

The BJGA encourages spectators and supporters to attend the matches. Spectators must adhere to the guidelines found on the Get Involved page.

When can I move up to the next group?

Generally, at the beginning of the quarter next following your reaching the necessary standard. Any promotions are at the discretion of the Board who will take into account a player’s age, maturity level and disciplinary record. The guidelines are found on the Policies and Procedures page.

How do I find out if a tournament is cancelled for weather or other reasons?

Any decision to cancel play will be made by the BJGA as soon as possible and will be communicated to the host course and the Starter. If it is clear on Friday evening that play cannot take place on Saturday, the BJGA will make an announcement on the website.

It is raining and windy. Will we play?

Most likely ‘yes’, but the exception to this is if there is lightning in the area, or if the wind is strong enough to move the ball on the putting surface. In these latter conditions, play will be cancelled.


What clubs should I buy for my junior player?

It is important to purchase a proper set of children's clubs for your junior player. The reason is that adult clubs are longer, heavier and less flexible. All these factors will make it very difficult for a junior to play well with adult clubs - even if they are shortened. Swinging the weight of an adult club could actually cause injury to to junior player. For those reasons we highly recomend that you purchase a proper set of junior clubs for your junior player.

The good news is that junior clubs are readily available new; or used; and they are relatively inexpensive. All the major club manufacturers make sets of junior clubs. In addition US Kids Golf manufactures only children's clubs. Junior clubs from US kids come in fives sizes based on height and or gender. As your child grows and develops, they will most likely need new clubs along the way that match their height and performance characteristics (such as swing speed).

If you need advice, as a BJGA official or your club professional.